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How to get information about the system (the example below is cut, the output is longer):

gz-hp-ux:/# print_manifest
System Information

    Your Hewlett-Packard computer has software installed and
    configured as follows.

    The system was created January 21, 2009, 14:32:16 MET.
    It was created with Ignite-UX revision C.7.7.98.

NOTE: You should retain this information for future reference.

System Hardware

    Model:              ia64 hp superdome server SD64B
    Main Memory:        79354 MB
    Processors:         98
      26 Intel(R) Itanium 2 9100 series processors (1.6 GHz, 24 MB)
               533 MT/s bus, CPU version A1
               98 logical processors
    OS mode:            64 bit
    LAN hardware ID:    0x002264E49699
    LAN hardware ID:    0x002264E49651
    LAN hardware ID:    0x002264E49698
    LAN hardware ID:    0x000000000000
    LAN hardware ID:    0x000000000000
    LAN hardware ID:    0x000000000000
    LAN hardware ID:    0x000000000000
    Keyboard Language:  Not_Applicable


How to unlock user account:
gz-hp-ux:/# /usr/lbin/modprpw -k <USER>

How to get the user info:
gz-hp-ux:/# /usr/lbin/getprpw

Thou shalt not steal!

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